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Flugelhorn mouthpieces are Temporarily Unavailable

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Flugelhorn mouthpieces are Temporarily Unavailable

Our Xstream flugelhorn mouthpieces also utilize the “Power Chamber”, and were designed to help deliver you that beautiful  flugelhorn sound. While providing you more power to your flugehorn with less effort. In turn that will help increase your endurance and better your performance. Our flugelhorn mouthpieces have also been known to improve players upper registers just as they cando on the trumpet. Some notice an increase the first time they play it and others find more register the more the get to know the mouthpiece. Our mouthpieces have great flexibility, it’s even easier to lock in your notes.

Other mouthpieces can sound flat as you play into the higher registers. The Xstream mouthpiece addresses that issue.

The Xstream flugelhorn mouthpiece maintains outstanding response thoughout the register, intonation, a constant pitch center and a brilliant solid core sound. Xstream flugelhorns were designed to deliver an outstanding sound and comfort.

The Xstream flugelhorn mouthpiece is a one piece mouthpiece.


Gold Plate $65. Please note: We will refund your mouthpiece, but not the gold plating.

Keep in mind these are custom mouthpieces and are made to order. Mouthpieces can take around 7 to 30 days to ship. Sometimes sooner and rarely longer. Thank you.

If you don’t see mouthpiece with the inside diameter you like, send us an email and we can make your preferred I.D. at no additional cost. – For a limited time.

Cup Models

Flugelhorn Mouthpiece Size Chart
Model Inside Dia. Outside Dia. Throat Size Cup Type
FXZ .600 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX1 .610 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX2 .620 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX3 .630 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX4 .640 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX5 .650 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX6 .660 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX7 .670 1.080″ #17 Deep V
FX8 .680 1.080″ #17 Deep V


Custom – Looking for a fully custom flugelhorn mouthpiece cup. Call or email us with details of what you need and for pricing and information.