The Xstream Story


About John Eth – Creator of the Xstream Trumpet Mouthpiece

A native of Phoenix, AZ, John started playing trumpet in the 4th grade. Even at an early age, many considered him a natural for the trumpet. In elementary school John played first chair trumpet in all of his music endeavors. John was also selected first chair Allstate in Orchestra and Band in High School. He then received a music scholarship to Arizona State University where he also played first chair in their Concert band, Orchestra and Jazz Band. After finishing College, John toured with a Rock and Roll band playing throughout the mid-west including Las Vegas. His Vast array of trumpet skills has won him praise from many, including famous trumpeter Bobby Shew. The following is just a small list of John’s Musical Accomplishments.

John Eth’s Xstream Story

“I was in a sever motorcycle accident and thought I could never play trumpet again. I had paralysis on both sides of my face; part of my bottom lip was torn off. They couldn’t reattach it so they sewed it back up. I had broken bones and a concussion. My career was over. I had encouragement from other musicians, they were saying, “John you’ve got to come back, you’ve got to play.” How could I even play? I had no feeling in my face. So after the continuing encouragement from my friends and musicians I said, Okay, I’ll try to play. So I pulled the horn out of its case and got my box of trumpet mouthpieces and tried to find something that would work, but nothing was working. I couldn’t even play above the staff. After playing lead trumpet with Wayne Newton’s band as well as many other artists and being a professional trumpet player all my life. Why would I want to go back if I can’t even play above the staff, nobody’s going to hire me. So, just as I was about to quit, give up, no hope. An idea came to mind that had a number of years back. This was a radical change to the trumpet mouthpiece. I thought about putting a power chamber inside a mouthpiece. What would happen if something could be put in there that would literally give you more power… and more center to your sound, more core to the note, more excitement? This was getting me excited, but would it work? I don’t know. I didn’t know at the time. So as a last resort, I took out my trumpet mouthpieces and started sawing them up. I’m going to make a power chamber. And I did. And the very first trumpet mouthpiece design that I came up with, I could play a third higher instantly. It was better. So I knew I was onto something. I went from not being able to play, to at least being able to get above the staff. So after a year and a half of development… a lot of research and a lot of trial and error, we’ve finally perfected the Xstream mouthpiece design. The power chamber works. It gives you more core to your sound. It helped me so much. I’m back to playing lead trumpet again. It’s phenomenal. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened in my life. I believe this will help so many trumpet players. It’s a radical change in concept, it’s a radical change in design and it works! It worked for me and it has already worked for so many more. Take it to the Xstream. Don’t be afraid.”
- John Eth

The following is just a small list of John’s Musical Accomplishments.


John has played lead trumpet with many: Elvis Presley – Ray Charles – Wayne Newton – Diana Ross and the Supremes – Liza Manely – Gladys Knight – The Temptations – Natalie Cole – KC and the Sunshine Band – Kenny Rogers – Liberace – Barbara Eden – Robert Gulay – Jim Stafford – Fabian – Mel Torme – Buddy Rich – Glenn Miller Orchestra – Bobby Vinton – The Captain and Tenniel – SkatMan Crothers – The 4 Tops – The Charelles – Bobby Daren – The Spinners – Frankie Avalon – Frankie Lane – Rosemary Clooney – John Davidson – Roger Miller – Ray Price – Margaret Whiting – Neil Sedaka – Charley Pride – Lena Horne – Milton Berle – Steve Gatlin – Bob Hope – Red Skelton – Lil’ Anthony and the Imperials – George Benson – Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons and many more!!

John and George Benson

John and George Benson


John has played lead trumpet on the following Television shows: Buck Rogers and the 21st Century made for TV Movie – Harper Valley PTA Theme Song – Sheriff Lobo Theme Song – John has recorded albums with the following artists; Hal Blaine – Joe Simon – Sonny Turner – Steve Gatlin – Al King – Jimmy “HandyMan” Jones – Jay and the Techniques – Nappy Brown – Kip Anderson – The Sugar Bees – Suzanne Saxon – Gary Bass – Eliza – Geoff Kimber – Ruby Andrews – Precious Jade and many others. John has also recorded over 1000 radio commercials!

Musical Productions

John has played in over 20 musical productions including Zorba and Man of La Mancha and Anne.


John also has credits in the publication “The Upper Register” by Joe Urso.