The Xstream Mouthpiece Design

The Patented Xstream Mouthpiece design. No. US 7,560,631

The Xstream mouthpiece works because of our patented “Power Chamber” design. It’s a larger cylinder immediately following the exit of the throat of the mouthpiece. The “Power Chamber” focuses the sound wave to keep a tighter core to the sound as it exits the mouthpiece into the horn. This has a stabilizing effect on the sound waves before entering the backbore, therefore maintaining a tighter core sound wave before entering the horn. A tighter core gives the player far better projection and more flexibility than traditional designed mouthpieces. While helping increase a players register or making it even easier to play in their upper register and increasing their endurance.

We believe that the Xstream mouthpiece design is superior to existing mouthpiece designs and it will eventually replace the way other manufactures think.

The Xstream mouthpiece does not need to be muscled to get results. Back off and you will get better results with far less effort.

Our mouthpieces are not a not a cure for poor practice or the lack of hard work, but our mouthpieces have proven to help players rise above their current plateaus and give them what they want… Performance.  Xstream Mouthpieces also helps maintain response intonation, a constant pitch center throughout, and delivers a brilliant solid core sound.

As far as all new designs go, we have just announced that we are releasing our very own Xstream Trumpet – Click to learn more.