Got the mouthpieces John! Intonation is great. Stays even throughout my entire range! I’m favoring the XXF backbore at the moment. Most likely because I’m used to my traditional backbore. But the XXX has lots of Zing to it. High notes come out with ease. And this time without having to adjust. Like I often would with my other MP haha. :-)

Charlie F.
Received the MP and have some time on it—it is truly a “break-thru”  in design—upgrades in all areas of sound production etc. over what I  was playing!!! Great MP !!!
Thanks for your help — Jack
I received the Mouthpiece today and it has a wonderful finish and the size feels
fantastic. Articulation and endurance feels much better. I had very little swelling
and could have practice longer but my wife made me stop. Thanks guys for
everything. Take care and God Bless.Raymond L.
Hi Dave,
 Thanks a lot for the exchange and your kind service. Casually my trumpet is a Carol CTR-506RLL , and the easiest way to centralize the sound is thru the XSTREAM system, is take almost no effort to blow any note and well tuned. Both are made to each other, i like how it sounds even after days off practice.
Maximino G.


The last Mouthpiece I ordered was B6 Top/XXF Backbore. This Has been the best, most powerful and flexible  Mouthpiece I have ever used and I have been playing over 30 years Thank You,

Dan M.


I love it!

I  was on a Schillke 16C4. Schillke website says the 16C4 is similar to the 16 in dimensions, this mouthpiece offers our #4 semi-flat rim for a more traditional (Bach) feel and increased endurance. Before that I used a Marcinkiewicz C5 (ProLine Concert Hall Series). As you can see the trend to reducing the cup and id of the mouthpiece. When I purchased the B 1.5 cup with the XXD back bore I was trying to keep the specs as close to the 16C4 in an effort to limit the difference (in the mouthpieces) to your “chamber” (i.e. change one variable at a time). As stated I can produce a more focused sound with the X mp. My upper range is played with greater facility with improved flexibility. My embouchure tends to “fall in ” more easily. I would like to try a narrower id. My 16C4 is .677, your B1.5 is 6.70, but it  feel larger to my lips, just slightly. What would you recommend as far as a narrowing of the id?
B3, B5? Again I am trying to reproduce a similar feel to the mp on my lips.

Thanks for “thinking outside the Bachs”
Raymond W.

Hi Dave,

I received ‘the hook’ the other week, hooked it up on my manhasset stand — pretty cool thing, Thanks!


Zach S.

PS — a month in, still loving the horn & mouthpieces!

Hi Dave

The X6 mouthpiece you sent seems to be doing what you claim. My range has not increased, but my sound is much better and I think my intonation has improved a lot.

So it’s time to think about a flugel mouthpiece. What is the equivalent to the X6 trumpet ?




I received my XX3/XXF mouthpiece and I must say I liked it a lot. Has the price gone back to the normal of about $150? I just want to know before I decide if I want to get another one. I’m pretty sure this one will end up with my son.


Jeff P.

Dear John/Xstream,
         I recently purchased “The Hook” from your company and had to tell you what a great product this is. It is very sturdy, functional and well thought out. I am the Worship Leader at my church and need to be able to go from singing to playing my horns and back again very quickly. “The Hook” has made my changing process quick and discreet. I really like having the ability to have my mutes already in my horns when I pick them up. “The Hook” is what makes this possible. I am more than satisfied with “The Hook” and want to encourage your company to keep putting out more unique and extremely functional products like this.
Chris F.

Dear Xstream,

I received it today and am loving it so far. I don’t have a terrific upper register, but already I can tell this mouthpiece is giving me what I was hoping for, which was more sizzle, greater ease in reaching the high notes and getting them to project and better slotting. No mouthpiece will ever compensate for a poor embouchure, but I can tell that this mouthpiece will actually assist me in improving mine. I probably won’t use it when I play with the community concert band, because I want to be able to blend, but it will be sure to be my mouthpiece of choice whenever I play lead.

Thanks again,


Hello John!I received the mouthpiece today, and I am really surprised!  It really works!  I can play about 2 notes higher than what I originally could, and everything requires much less effort!  I will definitely be using this thing a lot!  Also, I was wondering if I could just pay you for the extra cup that I requested, as I like both of them!Thanks!
Josh R.

Dear Dave and John,
The mpc arrived this afternoon. I took it to choir practice and played easily w/no warmup (a condition I often have on Sunday). Played well at all dynamic levels.  At the end of practice (2 hrs.), no “mark” on my chops and no fatigue.  Many thanks.  God bless you both.
Greg U.

Dear John,

I received my mouthpiece safely in Thailand!  Thanks! Your bit of magic in absolutely fantastic!  I don’t even have to warm up, I just blow top C.  Easy as pie!  Now the only thing is my fingering it sucks!  Do you have any magic to help me with this?  I have not been playing for the past seven years so subsequently all my fingering has gone to pots! I guess I’ll just have to practice again.  Par for course, isn’t it?

But yet again, thanks for engineering this bit of magic.  All I can say is thank you very very much!!!!!

OK off to practice!

Carl A.

Hi John,
My name is Rick Wilson and I recently bought a silver Xstream trumpet. I was not looking for or expecting much because I play in a brass band and most of my playing is on cornet. I just need a functional horn that plays pretty well in tune to use in church orchestra. I just sold an Edwards Gen. II that was a beautiful and great playing horn because I could not justify the amount of money I had in it when I play it one day a week. Your horn is working better for me than that one did! I take lessons from Dr Jim Buckner who is music dept. chair and professor of trumpet at Henderson State University and I took my last lesson on the Xstream. He was not only impressed with the looks and craftsmanship but mostly with how much the horn seemed to fit me. He has seen me play the $2500.00 Edwards and a $3000.00 Smith Watkins, but when I show up with your horn his reaction was THIS IS A BREAKTHROUGH, YOU HAVE NEVER SHOWN ME ANYTHING NEAR THIS . He was talking about the way I played the Xstream trumpet. I use a GR 65MX and usually have a weak d above High c but that night I had a good e and a week f. More importantly the b & c were popping out easily. I was doing lip slurs out of the Arban book (PG 44) at 120 bpm so it wasn’t just range, but response too. Sound was popping out with the slightest bit of air. I just ordered an Xstream mouthpiece with a XX4 top and XXX backbore, I suspect I will like your mouthpieces too. I won’t take any more of your time, I just want to say thanks for what you do.
Rick Wilson

Thanks Mr. Eth for making the BEST mouthpiece ever. I love my XX4 top so now I’m going to try the X4. This has been the only mouthpiece I’ve played that actually does what it claims. Once again….Thank You!!!
Jeffrey W Garrett

John, It is marvelous…….The feel and the blow are both quite
different. They’re better! I’m thinking that the longer I play it, the
better it will be.
John (Jack) Peck

Greetings John,
So far my first impressions.
Great looking well crafted piece! (I got a lot of questions and strange looks from some players.)I really noticed the core of my tone and projection through the horn improved substantially, with less effort on my part. Your recommendation on cup diameter and backbore was spot on. I notice some very nice air compression without any stuffy feeling. In other words, I can really blow and move a lot of air if I want to, but never feel like I’m playing a large bucket size mouthpiece. High range speaks easier and with less effort. I didn’t have a huge range increase yet, but I can tell this is going to improve due to the ease of all around tone production. All in all, I am very pleased with my new mouthpiece and look forward to some nice improvement in my playing. Thanks again for your help!!!
Regards, Peter A.

I received the mouthpiece top and backbore today!!!  In all my mouthpiece safari’s, this is the quickest I have ever gotten delivery!!!  GREAT!!! I have a rehearsal tonight, and plan on putting the mouthpiece to the test.  As for the few notes I blew through it, fantastic core to my sound.  Also, if I lay back a little I can definitely light this bad boy up!!
John Miconi

Mr. Eth,

Thank you for getting my order to me so quickly. I am able to give less effort to the horn, and get results that I never imagined possible. I simply use less effort (air power) and this piece lights up the room. The tone is rich and full in the entire range of the horn as well. It is difficult to back off at times, but playing this piece has made me more disciplined in that area, with a great payoff in endurance. I was never one for backing “backing off” while playing high intensity commercial gigs, but with this piece, backing off the air doesn’t diminish the intensity of the tone. This is an excellent piece. I wish you much success with your business.

Steve Hyde

While producing a recent record session, the soloist pulled out two trumpets, and asked which sound I preferred. He played both horns while getting levels, and I without hesitation, chose the horn with the more natural brightness and clarity. It turns out I chose the Xstream horn that I understand sells for under $1000.00, which was up against a custom Yamaha worth three times that much. We used that horn the whole session, open and muted to great effect. Good stuff!
Miles Black
producer, multi instrumentalist, arranger


Dear Xstream Music Products, I have had my mouthpiece for about two weeks now, and even though I am just a trumpet hobbyist/enthusiast, I have played long enough (about 30 years) to make some substantive comments. There is some prevailing wisdom that “equipment cannot give you what you don’t already have”, especially in terms of range. Well, after playing on the Xstream mouthpiece for just two weeks, it has not given me any extra steps on my range, but it HAS SOLIDIFIED my range and given me extra CONFIDENCE. There is no longer any difference between my “practice room range” and my “performance in front of an audience” range. They are the SAME. Also, my sound is fuller and more resonant. I should also mention one other thing. John and I have one thing in common. John came back from catastrophic facial muscle/nerve injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident, helped in great part by the Xstream mouthpiece, which he developed. I also received severe facial muscle/ nerve injuries as a result of a knife attack. For a long time, I felt that I was running in sand and making no progress. Now, I feel that I am turning the corner with the Xstream mouthpiece. Many thanks, John.
God bless you.
Greg U. Houston, TX